PAMP 12 Gram multigram Bullion Bar minted

12 x 1 gram gold bars each of which can be snapped off as desired. Every bar has the lady fortuna design stamped on it. PAMP (Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux), was founded in Switzerland in 1977 and is one the leading independent refiner of precious metals in the world.

Customer can choose a wide range of multi gram bullion bars (12*1). All the bars are new and stamped with the exact weight and fineness of PAMP. All multigram bullion bars are available for ideal investment with assurance of pure 24ct gold. All  PAMP multigram gold bars sells with certificate of authenticity from bullion market association approved manufacturer. To know more about multigram bullion bars price for investment please click on contact us and send an enquiry to us.



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